Fan Number One

She’d done her research, scouring  all the fan and music websites; she wore all the right clothes, did all the right things for this moment- to be brought onstage by none other than Sven7 himself! The Unchosen girls squealed with jealousy.  He barely saw her, really, just kept singing, soaking up the audience’s adoration. Until she reached deep into her pants.  That got his attention! “Remember me, Peevy-Stevie?” He stopped singing when he saw what his number one fan pulled out. “Remember when you raped a 12-yr-old girl?” She leveled the gun right at his heart and fired.


About franny666

I'm a virtual spelunker into the darkest caverns of Hell and Imagination. Also, I like donuts
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2 Responses to Fan Number One

  1. Jo Eberhardt says:

    Nice. DIdn’t see that coming.

  2. oldestgenxer says:

    It’s such a fine line between having a fan and having a stalker.
    Nice story.

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