Untitled story

The inside of my eyelids held the after-images of the horror. But still it was preferable to the current reality outside them

The slick ooze of my new master’s skin was comforting after the dry, cracked visage of the one HE was beholden to

Routine is relief. Never knowing when the slap was coming was worse. Now it’s everyday after Master’s tea. It’s become almost affectionate

I’m training the new girl. I’m ashamed to say I’m jealous of her. I’m tempted to let her slip up, but Master would rightly punish me.

Master and his cronies held their ritual tonight. I hope they don’t find out I was watching. But I think they let me. I’m still shaking

Master called for the new girl tonight. The curve and swirl of her fresh wound are beautiful. What did she do to earn it?

A beggar abruptly ran away, raving and scared, mid meal. I’d become blind, numb to the horror of this place. I wish he’d left my eyes glazed

Music tonight. Eerie, weird, frantic. Throttled from the throats of Master’s pets. I huddled in the kitchen transfixed, unable to skin the meat

Master called for me after the concert. I rubbed foul-smelling goo on His wounded flippered hands. He trusts me. He gurgled with relief

Master seems worried. I’m not sure, with his alien emotions. But I don’t know whether a fear of His I should welcome or go mad from

I waited for Master’s summons. It never came

Thru His door, only scritch-scritching could I hear. I saw flickering lamplight. Despite Master’s silence, I kept the house warm and humid.

Master’s Master is here. It has eaten all the food, including that which was not yet slaughtered. I perform my duties as invisibly as I can

I desperately need the new girl to help with our guest’s demands. I cannot find her. I hear her, I think, whimpering. Or is that in my head?

Master’s Master doesn’t summon me, but comes to me Itself. I keep my eyes on Its talons, trying to not comprehend Its hideous demands

I bathe UberMaster. With oils and sopping rags. I am thankful for my empty stomach. I wash the new girl’s blood off It’s eyelids

UberMaster takes the rag and bathes me next. My mind escapes. Were there ever sun rays and mother’s hands? Its claws are nothing like hers

It dresses me. My skin recoils at the fabric’s softness in this perverse ritual. I’d rather be rough, naked, than the beauty I see reflected

UberMaster carries me to Master’s chamber. He looks blank. dry, spent. I see him as a fellow victim, not my usual tyrant. I calm my fear

I see the new girl’s slipper, forgotten in the corner. Master shakes His head. Her fate is not to be mine. This does not allay my dread

In my peripheral vision, the walls shimmer with newly drawn pictographs animated by lamplight. Reality slips away. UberMaster slaps me back

As commanded, I tie Master to bolts in the wall, The rope grabs onto His dehydrated skin. I tighten a knot, watching it bite His flesh


About franny666

I'm a virtual spelunker into the darkest caverns of Hell and Imagination. Also, I like donuts
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